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The Importance of Wellbeing

After the winter lockdown, when Hope Corner School remained open for half days, we returned to full days with a new theme on Mental Health and Wellbeing. Students had four weeks of focussed teaching on understanding our mental health and how to look after our wellbeing.

We learnt about a number of topics, including feelings and emotions, coping strategies, reframing thoughts and the five areas of wellbeing. Students thought about how to re-frame their negative thoughts with some brilliant ‘worry clouds’, as well as creating a ‘worry tree’ with some great plans of what to do with worries.

Within the five areas of wellbeing, students enjoyed the ‘keep learning’ section as they had more archery sessions built this half term.

We also learnt a new recipe to make an Easter Egg cheesecake, which students very much enjoyed, as you can see from the smiling photos below!

After such a strange year, this theme was really important and beneficial to our students (and staff!) to encourage them with looking after their mental health in positive ways. Students were also encouraged to think about the future and how these strategies come in useful for many different areas of life. For students transitioning on to another education setting later this year, this will be especially helpful! One last thing we did was creating a ‘vision board’ to be excited and look forward to things in the future.


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