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Information for Local Authorities

Who is placed at Hope Corner?


Students at Hope Corner are aged 14-16 and may have a range of needs including; social anxiety, ADHD, ASD, mental health related conditions and other specific needs.​ Our small class sizes, along with a dedicated team,  create a unique setting and nurturing environment.  Students are able to build confidence as they develop socially and emotionally through our curriculum.

Assessing Individual Needs 

We carry out baseline assessments, Boxall Profiles and work closely with each individual student in order to identify the specific support they need.  For many, we first need to help overcome social and emotional barriers in order to allow them to engage with others, to build resilience and begin to see success academically.

Enquiring about a referral to Hope Corner


Hope Corner welcomes visits from Local Authorities who want to see our school and ask questions about what we offer.  Enquiries about places at Hope Corner should be made to the headteacher.  We will require a copy of the EHCP, the last AER minutes and any other relevant documents to make an informed decision.   Arrangements for prospective students and parents to visit the school are made as part of the referral process.

Make a referral
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