Information for Parents

A nurturing environment for your child

At Hope Corner School we have a unique setting with high levels of support for our students.  Our small class sizes and purpose built centre allow us to work closely in accordance with the needs of each individual.  The vision we have for our students is that they will see their potential as they work with us and be prepared for their further education or employment.​

What does a week look like at Hope Corner?

Our school day runs from 8:45am - 3pm.  We operate on a 4 day timetable, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with Fridays being focused on out of centre activities, such as indoor rock climbing.  The benefit of working this way means that students can remain more focused in 2 day blocks with a break mid-week.  Due to the nature of the needs of our students, the Wednesday break proves hugely beneficial to many of them.

Enquiring about a place at Hope Corner


Hope Corner welcomes enquiries and visits from parents and other professionals such as educational psychologists or CAMHS team workers.  Enquiries about places at Hope Corner should be made to the headteacher.  Formal Referrals are usually made via the Local Authority SEND team. We will require a copy of the EHCP, the last AER minutes and any other relevant documents to make an informed decision.

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What happens if Covid-19 affects the school?


As an SEN school aim to remain open and have the least disruption to learning as possible for our students. However should we need to follow restrictions you can find out about our Contingency plan and how we operate remote learning via the policies on the policies page.