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The Great War

This half term's theme has been the First World War. In history lessons, students have explored and analysed the causes and consequences of WW1, and STEM lessons covered how different areas of science and technology were important to the war effort. Students also enjoyed learning about geographical and engineering factors in the development of the trench systems.

In art lessons the focus was on 'life in the trenches', and students each created a piece of mixed media artwork which is now on display in our school.

The highlight of our themes are always the trips we do. Our visit to the Imperial War Museum North was a great way to see examples and find out more information about the things we have been learning at school.

One student said that his favourite part of the trip was seeing the full sized fighter jet, which although no longer had an engine, it was used in the war. The friendly museum staff were able to tell us interesting stories about the jet, and also how they managed to get the jet upstairs into the museum.


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