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RJ's Lockdown - By CD

Hi, I’m RJ. This is my first time doing a blog. I hope everyone is having a wooftastic day. So far things have been a little different! My humans came back and they will not leave me alone. It was awesome at first because my sissy drops A LOT of food at the dinner table “wahoo”. But I don’t know if its just me, or is it getting old? My sissy wont let me go, she’s always holding me and saying stuff like “who’s a good boy.” Now, I’m not a human or anything but, what I know for sure is, I am RJ, so of course I am a good boy! Second, I get to lick more plates, but my sissy has been eating a lot of sweet things, and that’s not really my taste. I prefer Scooby -Snacks, she should try them sometime! Also, I get more walks now. I LOVE walks so so SO much! But even though I get more exercise I can’t express enough how much I miss being lazy. We were like this picture of my brother Mikey:

My brother Mikey is a good role model, but he can be a bit bossy. But he is really sweet. And I love him SO much… as long as he stays away from my food. And here my sissy was cuddling me and I wanted to play. but I still was posing for pics I’ve always been good on camera. I call this “get me out of your arms” picture of me and my sissy:

My sissy loves me very much and I love her even if she wants to hug me all the time. Because she knows I would take a treat any time so I guess were even. And I’ve learned that no matter how much my sissy or my mom stay with us I will always be grateful for the belly rubs, all the good boys and even the endless cuddles that seem to never end. Because I will remember always that a dog purpose is we protect our humans like this:


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