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Exploring the Forest

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

This half term we’ve enjoyed six ‘forest school’ days at Runcorn Hill. We've learnt about different types of trees and how to identify them, orienteering and map reading and also learnt about birds and wildlife.

The best crafty activity we did was making bird feeders. Using cardboard, lard, birdseed and mealworms, we created different shapes and sizes of bird feeders for the birds to enjoy at Runcorn Hill. It was messy and sticky work.

At Runcorn Hill, we walked slowly and listened out for all the different bird sounds. We saw some bigger birds like blackbirds, magpies and pigeons, as well as lots of smaller birds such as blue tits and finches. We left some birdseed for them but they wouldn’t come close while we were stood there.

This is how the bird feeders looked when we put them up at Runcorn Hill:

The following week when we returned to the forest, most of our birdfeeders were gone. We think the bigger birds might have carried them off to their nests, or a more comfortable place to eat. A couple were still attached to the branches and nearly all of the seed was gone.


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