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Climbing Achievements

Students have made huge progress with climbing this year! Some of them have been working through NICAS - National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme - and one student achieved his Level 2 certificate for this! Others are close to being finished with their level 1 award and have really picked up the skills quickly with more practice recently.

We regularly visit two different indoor climbing centres to give students some variety, and they have stepped up their game in the difficulty level of climbs.

Safety is of course a priority at the climbing centre, and NICAS covers the key points when it comes to learning how to keep ourselves safe. Students learn to belay one another effectively, which is the job of the person on the floor keeping the rope tight, and they have become confident with this skill over the months.

As well as top rope climbing (the tall walls with the ropes), students enjoy developing their technique on the bouldering walls. We often play games and set ourselves challenges on these walls. Students can be proud of their hard work and effort put into climbing sessions this term.


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