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Big Improvements at School Allotment!

This half term, staff and students have worked hard to make some big changes down at our school allotment. Here are some pictures of the allotment before we began working on it, showing the greenhouse, shed and the pond:

The shed and greenhouse were taken down by some staff and volunteers at the weekend. Our allotment looks a lot bigger now, and we are able to use the space a lot more, as well as having much easier access to the composter which was behind the greenhouse. A lovely seating area has been created where the shed used to be, and an old door has been reused and made into a art piece for the back of our allotment.

Students were then able to plant lots of flowers around the pond and next to our seating area, which will really brighten up the area when they grow. They have also been planting potatoes which we will be able to use in meals in a few months time.

Earlier this year, students created bird feeders using cardboard, lard, seeds and mealworms. They each chose a shape, spread the lard on with a spoon or bread knife, then added a mixture of food that the birds will enjoy. Some students took their finished work home to put out in their own gardens, while others wanted to put theirs in our allotment.

We are really looking forward to using our allotment even more throughout the summer!

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