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Discovering the Victorian Era in Liverpool

Ending the ‘Around the World in 80 days’ theme this October, Hope Corner School did a trip to some of Liverpool's museums and galleries.

In the World Museum, students found out about excavations that took place in Egypt during the Victorian era. Then in the Museum of Liverpool we learnt information about transport in the 1800s, such as railway lines and ships. We also looked through the Victorian art rooms in the Walker Art gallery where students commented on their favourite paintings and discussed the different lifestyle shown.

Students also took part in a photography competition. Whilst walking around Liverpool, they stopped to take photos of the North Western Hotel, the Victoria Monument and the Royal Bank Building, among others, which were all built in the late 19th century. Back at school, students edited their photos as part of their ICT lesson, and Orla’s photo of St George’s Hall won the competition!

Winning photograph

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