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World Culture Week 2018

In January 2018, Hope Corner School took a week off timetable for ‘Culture Week’. During this week we learnt a lot about three asian countries and how their cultures are different.

Firstly, we had a day learning about Japan, where students and staff learnt how to say their names and birthdays in Japanese. We drew anime versions of ourselves and tested some Japanese snack foods.

When learning about China, students were interested to find out what it was like for a British person to live in China. Annie and Lucy, two young British people living in China, answered our questions about education, pollution and many other things, and told us what they love about living in a different culture. We also looked into some of China’s history, such as the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army.

Our guest speaker, Edmund, was born and grew up in Singapore, and he did a video interview with us to tell us all about living there. We found out that Singapore is a very small country, most people do not own cars and most people live in apartments. Edmund also told us that although there are few nature reserves, they are very beautiful and have monkeys and eagles living there.

Our students loved having the feeling of being immersed in new cultures and learning about the different ways people live around the world.

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