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Getting Creative While Social Distancing (example blog)

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks to say the least! What started out as a cough in one child turned into weeks of isolation and by the time we were allowed to go out, nowhere is open to go to!

Anyway, we’ve found it’s been really important to get into a routine to keep us sane (especially with two tiny ones at home!) Matt is going to share a bit more about what our routine looks like to give you some ideas for things you might be able to do.

Something I thought I’d try and share is some of the more creative things I’ve been doing with our kids. You all seemed to really enjoy our creative theme last half term so I thought I could share some ideas and maybe you’d want to give some of them a go at home? Trust me, none of them are complicated.

I’ve been doing lots of Bible stories with them and basing most things around that as you can see in the pictures.

Two things that they really enjoyed:

  1. Finger painting a rainbow - all we used were some poster paints, card, cotton wool and glue. All things you can pick up at Asda or order online. And this one is actually a lot less childish than it seems. People all over the country have been painting/ creating rainbows and putting them in their windows to spread a bit of hope to people walking past. (Google it and see!) Your rainbow could be designed however you want. Why not get creative and give it a go? Spread a bit of hope in your street. This also doubled up as Matt’s birthday card as I couldn’t get to the shops!

  1. Rainbow initial - I really enjoyed this one. All I did was draw out the initial of my kid’s names and then stick masking tape into the shape. They then got VERY messy rainbow painting all over the card (including over the tape). They then used the other end of the paintbrush to draw wavy lines and mix all of the paint up. Wait until it is COMPLETELY dry (using a hairdryer speeds things up a little). Then peel back the tape to reveal the letter. I think it looks pretty great. And the good thing is you could use all colours of paint or methods of painting. And you don’t even need to tape up your initial, it could be anything.

If you want to try these you don't need to head out to buy anything.

Rather than buying something new, why not see what you have lying around the house to use? Maybe you could do a ‘make up’ or nail polish rainbow? Experiment with food colouring? Rip up bits of newspaper/ magazines and create a collage. So there we go, a few things we’ve been up to. They’re so simple I think they’d be great for you to have a go at whilst you’re at home. Why not go a bit further and really make it your own?

Ask me any questions if you need some help.

Looking forward to seeing you get creative, I know you love it!



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