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Building Bridges

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

This half term we've been learning about 20th Century Britain, and one of our focusses was the Runcorn Widnes Bridge - the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

We enjoyed a trip out to the bridge, where we first walked underneath it on the Runcorn side to look at the structure. In the Old Town we could see both the old and the new bridge - the Mersey Gateway - and how they are quite different structures.

We walked across the bridge and found out about the way it is held up by the archway and the suspension poles attached to it. It was a nice day and we could see a lot from the middle of the bridge.

Back at school, we then had the opportunity to build our own bridge structures for a competition: who's bridge can hold the most blocks? We practiced some structure tips with just paper to start with.

To build the large competition bridges, we used paper straws and masking tape. One student built a very strong bridge that held six blocks and won the competition! Another student won the 'best looking' bridge prize for his great design. Here's the winning bridges:


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