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A Very Different Way Of Learning

The past six weeks of school have certainly been different to what we're used to! Rather than being in school, students and staff had enjoyed keeping in touch on video calls and on the school website. Students can now login to the classroom area where they can see teacher's videos and find extra help with activities that they are doing at home in their project books.

In the photo's above, you can see a challenge that has been set on Rebekah's classroom, and one student's completed piece of work. We're very impressed with the amount of work our students are putting in whilst at home. Some are also showing us the science experiments they are trying at home that have been set by Matt in his classroom videos (below).

During our Monday teaching sessions, students have been able to get support with the tasks set in their books and take part in extension activities, like the maths ones shown here:

On Tuesdays we've enjoyed reading Noughts and Crosses together on a video call. Danielle also sets some extra activities and discussion questions around the reading we've done that week.

And then there's 'Talking Point', where staff have a ten minute conversation over a recorded video call and students are encouraged to add their own opinions in the comments. The first one, shown below, was all about travel!

We've loved exploring this new way of teaching and learning, and we hope to keep learning more exciting ways to keep going with it!


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