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Exploring the Human Senses

Learning about human senses this half term has provided a huge variety of lessons that Hope Corner School students have been well engaged in.

In the first week we started by looking at 'sight and light'. Our visitor, Paddy, came to share invaluable teaching on blind awareness. He shared his story about how he lost his vision and taught us about how he supports other people who lose their vision. Students had prepared questions to ask him about how his life has been affected and Paddy gave a lot of insight which created great discussion.

He brought glasses for students to try to show what different types of blindness may look like and explained how different illnesses, such as glaucoma and diabetes, or simply old age, can cause visual impairments.

Students then learnt how to use the braille machines and practiced by writing their own names and messages for Paddy to read!

The third week's lessons were on the topic of 'hearing and sound'. One creative lesson involved listening to a piece of music and painting to match the feel of the music. Students were proud of the artwork they had created and enjoyed explaining to others how and why their paintings matched the music they listened to.

Students also did a lesson on deaf awareness. They found out ways to make communication easier for people with hearing impairments and took part in an activity where they had to pass on a message without speaking aloud. Students had to move their lips in an ordinary way of speaking while others tried to understand what message they were saying. Some people found it easier than others, and the most difficult word to lip read was 'guitar'.

For 'taste and smell', students did a lot of baking! With three different types of chocolate chips as well as peanut butter chips, students made four types of cookies. They then had to do a taste review on the cookies. Cupcakes were also baked this week with three different flavours - lemon, vanilla and strawberries and cream. Students practiced their data collection skills for maths by creating a table to fill in as all staff and students did a taste and smell test for the three flavours.

As well as taking baked goods home, students took candles home this week! They chose from lavender or mandarin scent for their teacup candles made with eco-soy wax.

Throughout all the human senses topics, students have also been learning about the science behind how the different body parts involved, such as the structure of the eye, the nervous system and different roles of skin in functions of the body. They also found out about the structure of the ear and sound waves, and the tongue and taste receptors.

As we approach our last week of this half term, students will be looking at one more area that we have linked in with human senses - movement. Lessons will include dance, the science of muscular systems & respiration as well as how different disabilities may affect movement.

Click on the photos above to see them more clearly!

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