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A Visit from South Korea

Earlier this year at the end of June, we had the pleasure of inviting a group of 8 South Korean people, with their interpreter, to come into our school! We had many questions for them and really enjoyed getting to know them. When asked about their favourite animal, they each gave very specific answers!

The people who came were all different ages, from early 20 to 60s, which meant we got a lot of different information in their answers. The younger people told us about their experiences of school in South Korea, where education and academic achievement is very important - they go to school for 10 hours a day! The Korean people also liked learning about our school, they were very interested in all of the different kind of lessons we do, such as rock climbing, animal care at Freedom Equine, and archery.

The reason the South Korean people came was to pray for the churches in Runcorn. They came for a week and visited many different churches in our town during the days. Then in the evenings they held prayer meetings at Hope Corner Church, where they prayed very loud and passionately! It was a great experience to meet with them and learn about such a different country to ours.

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