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The Desert Sea (Article from Protecting the environment week 2)

Aral sea

This article is about the tragedy of the Aral sea in Kazakstan, the article will explain what has happened and why.

Ever since clothing companies started to use cotton and dyes for their clothing, it has played a major role in pollution and diseases. In 1960 the Aral sea was the fourth largest lake in the world but now it has drastically been diminished and is barren, but the theres still a small percentage of the lake left. The lake had provided for the people that lived there, The clothing companies in Uzbekistan had diverted the river that led to the Aral sea to use for cotton. Removing the main water source for people in order to produce cotton.

The people that once relied on the Aral sea have nothing left to use. The fishermen can't catch fish and it was also a tourist attraction, but now people call it the Aralkum dessert. People can get seriously ill from dust storms and even death can occur.

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