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Stay Healthy!

Hope Corner School chose to learn all about how to stay healthy in this short five week half term. Each week was based on a different aspect, linked to the five areas of wellbeing: give, take notice, be active, connect and keep learning. We enjoyed some great trips out into the local community to enrich our learning on this theme.

Students voted to raise money for Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool when thinking about how they could 'give'. A sponsored walk along the Frodsham section of Sandstone Trail was planned, and three of our students completed 8 kilometres of the trail to gain their sponsor money. The money will be collected later this year to donate to Alder Hey.

Another trip was made to the local Foodbank distribution centre, where the managers taught us about the whole process of what they do. We helped out by weighing some donated food, dating it and putting it away in the correct places.

Visiting Wigg Island to 'take notice' of nature through photography was another enjoyable trip out of school. On one of our trips, students were challenged to notice what they could see, hear, smell and touch while out in a more natural environment.

Learning how to play ping pong at the 'Ping Pong Parlour' in Runcorn shopping city was very exciting. After learning the rules and the scoring, we played some single and doubles games against each other. It gave us opportunity to 'be active' and 'connect' with each other, as well as learning something new!

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