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Hope Corner Student collects his Bronze DofE Award

On Wednesday 23rd January, ex-student joined hundreds of young people from around Halton to collect his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award at The Brindley, Runcorn.

The Duke of Edinburgh award gives young people a chance to gain valuable skills and have incredible experiences. Four sections are involved at bronze level: skill, physical, volunteering and expedition. Learning new things in these areas provide new opportunities that are not usually offered in academic awards and can enrich a young persons life. Another benefit of this award is that it helps young people to stand out from the crowds when applying for colleges, universities, apprenticeships and jobs.

Last year one of our year 11 students achieved his Level 2 NICAS certificate in rock climbing, which he logged as his physical section. He chose to volunteer at a local primary school with a reception class, and learning the basics of guitar was his skill.

Our student joined three young people from Hope Corner Church youth group, Two42 Youth, to complete his expedition last summer in North Wales. He learnt from the practice expedition not to take too many Capri Sun cartons because they are heavy! He overcame his doubts about doing the qualifying expedition and took a much lighter bag and some comfier clothes. He also enjoyed working alongside the other teenagers and sharing a tent with the boys.

Hope Corner School are extremely proud of him for working so hard to complete this award! Congratulations to all of the young people who collected their awards this month.

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