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Students and Staff Celebrate a Fantastic Year at Hope Corner Academy!

Staff, family members and professionals, who have worked alongside the students at Hope Corner Academy in 2016/17, attended a celebration service yesterday morning (16th July), at Hope Corner Community Church, to celebrate all of the achievements of our students. The school vision was presented to the church and visitors, and images and videos were shared giving insight into an incredible year and awards were presented to our students for their achievements.

Some of our students, staff, governors, past students and and other professionals who attended our celebration service at Hope Corner Academy.

Kim, one of our previous school leavers, attended to share with the school and church how her work and education is progressing and presented certificates to our current students. This was a great example of the potential we believe our students have and was an inspiration.

Parents/carers were thrilled to see how far their children have come since attending Hope Corner, academically, but even more importantly, in their own personal development.

Hope Corner Academy is an important part of the Hope Corner Community Church charity and this event serves as a fantastic way for us to share with the whole church what happens within the school.

Following the service, parents and members of Hope Corner Community Church commented on the inspirational and clear message of the presentation; that we have a vision for students to aspire to their potential.

Imogen, a student, after receiving her award.

We also say goodbye to one our students this year as Davy (pictured right being presented awards by Deputy Head Teacher Matt Finch) moves on from year 11 and already has a place on a public services course at college. We know he is going to go far and reach the potential we all know he has. Thank you to all who helped to make this event a big success!

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