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School Remaining Closed Following Review

As the National Emergency is still in place and individual risk assessments for our students are still under review, the situation remains unchanged and we believe the safest place for our students currently is at home.  The school building will therefore remain closed.  This will be reviewed again in line with the Government review of it's 'lockdown' policy.  We will keep our website updated regularly.

We realise it is disappointing and unsettling that we cannot get 'back to normal', especially for our students, but these are not normal times and we are having to look at the safest long term approach.

We are all really encouraged at how well the students are getting involved with the video calls.  We really enjoy talking with them. Many are joining in with the website classrooms and doing work in their Project Books too.  Now the Easter holidays are over we will be posting more video content to the website and will encourage the students to comment and get involved with the activities.

Thank you to all staff, parents and everyone else involved with supporting our students over this difficult time.


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