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Exciting End of Year Trip!

As an end of year reward trip this July, staff and students went to Drayton Manor Theme Park.

Students enjoyed a thrill-seeking day of all the biggest and best rides. One of the favourites was the Bounty Pirate Ship; one student went on it three times even though she was a little scared on it at the beginning.

We got absolutely soaked on Stormforce10 - the water ride that goes forwards and backwards. Then the huge drop tower ride, Apocalypse, scared the life out of the students who chose to go on it. However, one student loved it and even dared to take the stand-up section, looking down 54 metres to the floor before being dropped at 50 miles per hour!

Another area of the park we enjoyed was the zoo. The first thing we saw as we walked into the zoo was a huge tiger who looked rather hungry. The Tamarin Trail was full of little monkey with lots of fur, some even had huge manes. We also spoke to the parrots and other tropical birds (although none of them wanted to talk back).

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All in all, the trip was a huge success!

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